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Before & Aftercare Advice

Important information for every client to follow.

1. Before attending your appointment make sure you take the advice from your beauty therapist advice.

2. Patch Test is required before having any treatment.

3. Before waxing up to 24 hours before no steam or exfoliation or using chemical products in the areas of waxing.

4. no sun bathing or tanning before having laser treatments

5. Make sure you inform beauty therapist if there is a change in your health 

6. Carry out the advice from the beauty therapist how to maintain your beauty treatment.

7. After massage treatment you may feel slight cooler in body temperature , depend of the environment , you may need to bring and wear  warm clothing.

8. For facial please arrive will no makeup false lashes or thick makeup to your appointment.

9. Maintain healthy lifestyle 

10. Before attending do not bring personal items or valuable items.

11. Unwell or come into contact with someone with covid or any transferable diseases.

Please do not attend your appointment and reschedule with therapist for another day and time, therapist has the right to refuse treatment on the day.

12. In colder climates or days please bring along with you warm clothing to wear home after having massages.

13. After massages, please avoid drinking alcohol before and after, eat something light, stay hydrated and relax.