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Hydration of the Body


Your body is always in need of hydration and as a beauty therapist, I always come across clients with dehydrated skin types.

Through consultation I discuss what products would be helpful to keep the skin hydrated.

The main source of hydration is water, a.k.a H2O.

Scientist reveal, that your body is made up of 60% of water in adults, to keep all the organs hydrated and functional.

Even though we have that large percentage of water in our bodies,our bodies secretes a large percentage of water through our pours,our bowels.

Your body is in constant need of hydration daily. As much as water being the best source of hydration, there is plenty of products on the market to help with hydrating your hair and your skin.

You have various body creams, body lotions, cleansers, toners, hair conditioners,lip balms and foundations on the market that contains good source of hydrating ingredients. I recommend products that have good amount of water quantity in them along with natural key ingredients to help make good product. All year around your body is in need of hydration. Below I have listed things you can do to keep the body hydrated 1. Digestive system, help the prevent constipation 2. Improves the skins and complexion 3. Moisten the organs and tissues inside the body, i.e lips, eyes, nose and mouth 4. Carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells inside the body. 5. Stimulates the brain, spinal fluid

6. Drink plenty of water

7. Using natural ingredients

8. Use fewer man made products

9. Paraben Free 10. Few ingredients is necessary

What treatments I would recommend for hydration of the body?

At ShaSha London, I would recommend a 1. Hydrating facial, good treatment for all seasons

2. Body scrub, helps remove dead skin and hydrate the skin 3. Massages, improves circulation and hydration of the skin

So book today with ShaSha London and enjoy our luxury treatments.