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Orly,The holy grail of cuticle cream?

So I was experiencing serious amount of nail breakage and splitting.

I am so obsessed with my nails and when I discovered my precious nails were literally falling apart I was so upset.

I wondered and pondered for days and weeks and couldn’t work out why my nails are acting up.

Finally a light bulb moment happened, my nails are breaking and splitting because I was applying so many man made chemical products on my nails, my nails, washing up without my gloves, caused my nails to be damage.

So I went online as you do, read my  nail salon magazine for help, but couldn’t find anything.

Finally one night ordering stock for my business I stumbled on Orly products.

I saw holy grail and I thought well hopefully this holly grail product will do the job.

Twice a day for about 2mintues, 

I would massage half a size of a pea amount of the product into my cuticles.

In 3days I started to feel a difference to my nails, by the end of the week I was seeing more signs.

By the second week my nails are looking and feeling healthy.

Now I was using a glass nail file and clippers to shape and maintain my nails during this period but I can tell you the product is 💯 amazing. 

Treated my damaged and weak cuticles.

It will repair and supply moisture and strength to the nails.

I give Orly, cuticle therapy creme a 10/10.

Price £5.65

2fl oz/59ml 


Cuticle creme with Vitamins A + E