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Wellbeing is it important?

So for years I worked in various spa in London providing beauty treatments to different clients.

I thought “I’m feeling really tired”

but I kept on working as you do.

Life goes by and I started to feel extremely tired with horrible headaches.

At this point I knew I needed a holiday.

These headaches delevoped over the years and I was not able to move out of my bed.

I experience lost of sight and a lost of speech.

I was rush to hospital on several occasions and was diagnosed with serve migraines .

Time went by I started to read into this illness.

I had to change my diet and remove the triggers, the things that can cause this pains in my head.

For example wine , dairy, milk chocolate.

I did those things and added mediation and exercise to help, but I was still experiencing horrific migraines.

Years down the time line my health decline further.

Until one day I ended up in hopstial told by a neurologist Iam going to need major surgery on my head if I wanted to live.

I was at the point of despair and confusion 

What did I do to myself?

How could this happen?

Will I live?

Anyway I lived to tell the story and is able to pick up where I left off with work and home life.

Once a month I spend time to have a massage or pedicure or a body scrub, not including my daily meditations and feeding my mind and body with TLC.

It’s a must in my life and it should be the same for you.

So answer to the question is 


Your wellbeing is so important.

You and only you know how you feel and when something is not right with your health.

The how too?

How can you help yourself? 

What am I missing?

What do I need to do in order to go forward with your wellbeing?


Taking time out of your busy schedules and rest.

Power naps.


Do things to relax your mind and your body.

Take that long vacation you have been planning and book it.

Treat yourself to a full body once a month.

Try a healthy meal.

Spend real quality time with those you love.

Life is way to short to not make time for your wellbeing.

Your wellbeing is your health and without it, it is none existent.

So make today the first day when you actually decided I am going to take care of me.