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Are you ready?

Are you ready for Wellness Week at Bootcamp, Pilates Richmond from 28th Oct- 3rd of Nov.

(The address of location is below)

Well I am so excited to present a week focusing on you the client's, meeting with loyal existing clients and new clients.

Below is a list of treatments offered during the Wellness Week.

1. 1hour Massage of your choice 

(from the list below) £50.00



Deep tissue 

Body scrub 

2. 1hour 30min Massage & facial £80.00

Swedish massage

Hydrating facial 

I have selected these types of treatment to allow you the clients to truly enjoy a time to relax from a busy life.

Sha Sha London moto is to, 

Take care of yourself first...

Finding time to improve your health and wellbeing is extremely important.

The benefits of a massage are overwhelming good for the human body,

it allows the body to relax and release  endorphins.

These are some example of having different types of massages can help with some conditions.

1.Suffering with Migraines = 

scalp massage or a Swedish massage.

2. Muscle tension = deep tissue massage. 

3.Suffering with depression = Swedish or a aromatherapy massage.

I have put together a selection of massage treatments that will help benefit your health and wellbeing.

Sha Sha London is always focusing on you the clients health an wellbeing and strive to promote this ethos.

Book today to experience a well deserved massage treatment with Sha Sha London.


Bootcamp Pilate 

4 Red lion street 



0208 090 7999