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Taking care of the natural nails

Today's blog is giving you some insight to different nail conditions and disease with brief treatments to help improve the nails and seek the right medical treatments.

This information will help you the client to gain understanding of your natural nails and for the professional to apply the correct manicure treatment for your clients.

If you suffer with any of these conditions, please seek medical attention from your doctors to refer you to the right specialist.

Lets begin...

In this picture below it will show various common nail conditions and the direct link it has to the internal organs inside your body..

We use our hands to do so much things for example washing up dishes, cleaning and doing our day to day job...

We are constantly using our hands but are we taking care of them?

Our nails are indicators to what’s happening internally in our bodies.

When you go into the hospital and doctors or nurses need to monitor your nails (oxygen levels + what the nail plate is reflecting).

Below are the different nail conditions people face either on their feet or hands.

I have listed a small break down of treatment for these conditions of the nails below.

1.Hapalonychia (Egg Shell nails)

Treatments: Avoid manicures or gel/aracylic /nail cosmetic




(image below)

2.Onychogryphosis (Rams Horn, thickening of the nail, curvature, yellowish/brown)

Treatment: Seek medical attention, nails should be cut straight across rather than curved to avoid ingrown nails.

Wear clean cotton socks, that can soak up the moisture and help fungal.

(image below)

3.Clubbing (curvature of the nail plate, club like nail)

Treatment: Application of warm olive oil can also treat the condition

Avoidance of eating Vitamin E rich foods such as jojoba oil, wheat germ oil and almond oil

Drops of Tea tree oil on the nail beds as well as use of essential oils

Salt water treatment for 5 minutes on the nail beds

Consumption of green leafy vegetables on a regular basis

No cutting of cuticles

Overall, nail clubbing can be prevented by consistent hand hygiene and practicing a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle

(image below)

4.Pincer nails (curvature of the nail plate, nail bending completely on both side)

Treatment: manicure treating the nail, clipping of the nail plate, ongoing causing pain, possible surgery with podiatrist

(image below)

5.Koilonychia (Spoon nail, concavity of the nail plate)

Treatment: Iron deficiency / anemia ( blood test)

Manicure to maintain keeping of nail.

In your diet include more darker leaf greens which is rich in iron.

(image below)

6.Leukonychia (white dots or line across the nail)

Treatment: Avoid injuring the nails as much as possible

Do not push back or trim your cuticles

Vitamin supplements will not help

Calcium supplements will not help

Seek calcium & vitamins from your food source

No treatment is necessary

If the nails are a cosmetic concern, they may be covered with nail polish


(image below)

7.Erythronychia (redness/discoloration of the nail plat)

Treatment: depends on the etiology.

If you experience ongoing splitting and pain, you may require a blood test, biopsy or surgical excision.

(image below)

8.Melanonychia (melanin in the nail plate)

Treatment: see a doctor or a dermatologist.

Treating the underlying condition all depends on what is the cause.

In some cases a biopsy or surgery may be needed.

(image below)

9.Beau's Line (depression grooves in the nail, caused by injury in the nail matrix)

Treatment: seek medical advice firstly as well as providing nail enhancements to cover up the grove/ridges in the nail, not applying to much filing or pressure to the natural nail.


(image below)

10.Pitting nail (shallow depression of the nail)

Treatment: Phototherapy or light therapy to the affected nails.

Use vitamin D supplement or manicure.

(image below)

11.Onychomadesis (spontaneous detachment of the nail plate from the nail matrix)

caused by nail psoriasis, reaction to nail polish chemical and reaction to medication.

Treatment: Seek medical treatment.

Possible nail extension can be used but consult with doctor before use.

(image below)

12.Onychoschizia (splitting and peeling of the nail )

thyroid disease, severe yeast infection, mineral and vitamin deficiencies cream, oil and balm.


(image below)

13.Onychosis (separation of nail plate from the underlying nail bed)

Thyroid disease, severe yeast infection, mineral and vitamin deficiency.

Treatment: Trim nail plates short, use topical antifungal cream (ciclopirox 0.77%)

Oral antifungal Fluconazole,

Avoid manicure, clean with soap and water, use various lined vinyl gloves,

Apply tea tree oil and jojoba oil on cuticles.

(image below)

14.Onychorrhexis (ridging and grooving of the nail plate, brittle nails)

Treatment: Use topical steroid and ointment to eponychium. You can also use hot oil treatments and manicure.

(image below)

15.Subungual Melanoma (thumb or index finger affected with a horizontal black line from nail bed)

Treatment: Amputation of the nail in worst cases, seek medical advice for treatment.

(image below Another example in this photo of nail conditions, again linking to internal problems inside your body.)

We all love to have the nail polished with our favourite colours, also to have your favourite gel or acrylic nail extension done regularly.

I will stress the importance to allow the nails to breathe from all these man made chemical products applied to your natural nails.

So if you’re someone who likes to have your nails done ever 2-3 weeks, take a treatment option from your beauty therapist/nail technician/manicurist, to advice you with a treatment and care.

Below I have listed some treatments that you can book with your professional.

•Hot oil treatment

•Protein treatment

•Organic or vegan based products.

•Using clear or opaque hard as nail.

Below I have listed ways to protect the natural nails and help your body to stay healthy:

Make sure you wear gloves whilst washing up and cleaning

Eat healthier foods

Drink distilled water, spring or purified water

Do regular exercise daily

Spend time to mediate and rest

Laugh more

Moisture the hands & nails

Do good to yourself and others

In my business I pride myself as an expert in giving you understanding about your body first (health & wellbeing).

As a professional I will always spend that time to give you pre and aftercare advice to help you understand how you can take care of your hands, promoting the right treatment and advice.

I love what I do and I take pleasure to help promote your health and wellbeing, looking beyond the money or the latest trend.

Start today and book my amazing service.

Sha Sha London.